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Tonight's Specials

Thank you for dining with us! Scroll down for our dinner specials. Ask your server if you have any questions.

Dinner Specials


Mushroom Bao      Shitake, Yum Yum, Miso Aioli, Fried Shallots, Cilantro    $11

Spring Salad      Firefly Greens, Green Goddess Dressing, Peas, Shaved Radish, Cottonwood Reserve Cheddar    $9


Roasted Turnip Entrée     Local Roasted Turnips over Artichoke Farro Salad w/ Turnip Pesto, Arugula & Sunflower Seeds      $16

Pizza of the Day     Pesto Sauce, Fennel Sausage, Roasted Red Peppers, Feta and Mozzarella Cheeses     $16

Chef’s Burger      Radish Top Aioli, Caprino Fresco, Arugula, Green Tomato Jam      $15

Salmon     Ponzu Grilled Salmon, Artichoke Farro Salad, Arugula w/ Grilled Scallion Vinaigrette      $26

Pasta    House-Made Pasta, Asparagus, Myers Mushrooms, Fennel Sausage, Spring Greens Pesto, Ricotta $18

Bistro Filet     Creekstone Teres Major, Hasselback Potato, Roasted Brussels Sprouts , Demi Glace, Gremolata      $29

Thai Pie     Sweet Chili Sauce, Squash, Bell Peppers, and Chicken Topped w/ Spicy Peanuts and Micro Greens      $17


Green Beans Sautéed w/Soy Sauce & Onion Topped w/Almonds     $5

Roasted Rainbow Carrots     $5

Local Grilled Asparagus     $5


Cheesecake w/Chocolate Ganache    $8

Orangesicle Crème Brulee    $7

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie     $7

Strawberry Ice Cream    $6

Tonight’s Menu Features These Local Producers

Elderslie Farms | Firefly Farms | Kangrow Hydro Farm | Orie Farm Fresh | Serenity Farms | Yoder Meats | Meat LLC | Homegrown Kansas | Strong Roots Healthy Farming | Chicken Track Eggs | 21st Century Bean Co. | La Tradicion | Pinole Blue | Alma Creamery | Jason Wiebe Dairy | Lovera Cheese | Stanford County Flour Mill

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